2019: MAJA party shuts door against old politicians, woos youths

One of Nigeria’s rising political parties, the Mass Action Joint Alliance (MAJA) has said its doors are closed to old politicians seeking elective offices in 2019.

Speaking through its National Leader, Chika Ibeneme, at a function in Abuja on July 09, Ibeneme said gone were the days when women in the country had just a single major role to play – giving birth.

She said the women had become politically-conscious and would effectively participate in the nation’s polity, especially 2019 elections.

“On behalf of mothers of this country, we have been badly treated, we have been neglected, we have been marginalized, but we Nigerian women produced governors, produced every other person, including the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. We are not remembered for anything, except churning out babies. Babies that will not be trained. Babies that will roam over the places. Babies that will not feed. It is a shame. From today, this is the beginning of a new dawn when Nigerian women will have their voices heard. I thank God when one of the speakers said Nigeria will produce a male or a female president. But, I will say that Nigeria will combine both. You bring the male, bring the female, put them together, you get one whole Nigeria where there will be unity, where there will be honour and everything that God has assigned this country.

“This country is a land growing with milk and honey. We cannot deny God what He has done for us. He gave us everything. On behalf of the teeming youth of this country whom we have blackmailed into believing that we are lazy youths, I tell you youths, come out, you are not lazy. Youth of this country, you are not lazy.

“We have afforded the youths of this country the platform to come and excel. No more recycling of all these old people,” she said.

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