2019 Presidency: Nigeria’s president warned by his wife Aisha Buhari

The wife of Nigeria’s president Aisha Buhari has not hesitated to express her disappointment over the way her husband is running his government.
The first lady expressed displeasure over many aspects of failure, covering poor appointments, influence by cabals to an anti-manifesto governance.

Her words: “After receiving complains upon complains, I decided to tell him but all the same a lot of people have been coming on their own and also collectively to tell him that things are not going the way it should – that is when it comes to like putting people in certain positions because most of these people that are occupying some agencies:
1. Nobody knows them
2. They don’t know our manifesto, our party manifesto
3. They don’t know what we campaigned for
4. They were not part of us completely
5. They don’t have a mission
6. They don’t have a vision of ‘our’ APC
I have my own rights you know to say how I feel about something. If it continues like this, me I’m not going to be part of any movement again! Because I need to work with the people that we have started the journey collectively as a team work so that we can achieve what we want to achieve so that he will live a legacy” she said.

When further quizzed on whether she has put these complaints to her husband, the low-key first lady replied:
“Yeah he knows, he knows.”

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