610,000 Unsafe Abortions Occur in Nigeria Annually

Johns Hopkins Programme for International Education in Gynecology and
Obstetrics (Jhpiego) has said that over 610,000 unsafe abortions occur in
Nigeria every year, often leading to several deaths due to complications
arising from termination of pregnancies and other related problems.

The Country Director of Jhpiego in Nigeria, Mr. Emmanuel Otolorin who
disclosed this at a press conference in Abuja said 36million abortions
occur globally every year with Nigeria accounting for 610,000 of such

Reeling out grim statistics of women who lack access to family planning
globally, Mr. Otolorin said over 225 million women lack access to family
planning, the consequence of which is that 74million of this figure have
pregnancies they never wanted.

According to Otolorin, “28million women have unplanned births across the
globe and 36million abortions occur globally every year. Abortions occur
because people don’t want the pregnancies in the first place. So, family
planning can be made to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. And in Nigeria, a
study team has found out that over 610,000 abortions are committed by women
every year.”

He however said that 85 percent of the causes of maternal and new born
mortality can be prevented, arguing that family planning should be starting
point in the concerted effort to arrest the embarrassing high maternal
mortality rate the country.

“All women of reproductive age desire to get pregnant, but they can get
pregnant when they wish. Therefore the first exit route from this sliding
pathway of death is family planning. If you don’t get pregnant, you cannot
die from pregnancy.”

Mr. Otolorin said Jhpiego, which is an international non-profit health
organization and an affiliate of Johns Hopkins University was recording
tremendous progress in its focus areas of reproductive health and right
issues in Nigeria.

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