Federal government issues Provisional Licenses to 8 New Private Universities

The Minister of state for Education, Anthony Onwuka, presented provisional licenses to 8 new private universities in Nigeria on Tuesday at the National Universities Commission Headquarters, Abuja.

The 8 new private universities who received the licenses are – Anchor University (Ayobo, Lagos State), Arthur Jarvis University (Akpabuyo, Cross River State), Clifford University, (Owerrinta, Abia State) Coal City University (Enugu, Enugu State), Crown-Hill University (Eiyenkorin, Kwara State), Dominican University (Ibadan, Oyo State), Kola Daisi University (Ibadan, Oyo State) and Legacy University, (Okija, Anambra State.)

Onwuka said the eight new private universities being given their provisional licenses are prove that the Government is working with the private sectors to make the Universities better and that the Government hopes to attack lack of access to University education.

The Executive Secretary of National Universities Commission, Abubakar Rasheed said the Universities were under observation between 2-13 years until the Commission was sure that they were ready after the 14 steps process they all passed through.

The Executive Secretary said the provisional licenses which the Commission will give to the Universities would last for three years while the Commission would continue to supervise them.

He also encouraged the Universities to work with the existing public institutions they are placed under as affiliates to ensure that they grow. He urged them not to let their affiliate Universities force them into adopting policies which may not work for them. He also encouraged them not to make the mistake of their affiliates.

Rasheed said Private Universities hold the future of Nigeria but it can only work if the proprietors, owners and partners make the Universities a universal community of knowledge and ideologies which would trump discriminations against gender, tribe and religion.

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