BBOG, Oby Ezekwesili and the Nigerian Police…

Yesterday Day 1380 of our #ChibokGirls’ abduction and Day 1365 of our daily advocacy, we were brutality attacked by the Nigeria Police Force violated, abducted, arrested and detained.
As a complimentary effort to our daily sit-outs in Abuja (and weekly sit-outs in Lagos) our movement usually does our #BBOGMarchToTheVilla. We always notify the police as required by the civil code. We did for our march yesterday.  For almost 4 years of consistent advocacy we have come to be identified as a civil group never known or associated with unruliness, indiscipline, and much less violence.
Yesterday, heavily armed police personnel in their hundreds forcefully cordoned us off at Unity Fountain Abuja, and resisted our movement. Their gross abuse of our freedom of movement worsened when the police which blatantly refused to identify the leader of their operation formed a human circle,  locked in and detained the Leader of our movement- Oby Ezekwesili. Her plea to be let out of the police lock in refused was not heeded for hours.
Our movement reminded the police officers who we have our rights to freedoms of speech, movement, association, thought and conscience. We reminded them of the subsisting judgement of Federal High Court which in October 2014 forbade  the Nigeria Police Force from violating our rights. They remained adamant in their lawlessness.
Meanwhile, some of our colleagues as part of usual march plans had already  proceeded to the State House entrance which the police knows as our usual destination. Our members had hardly approached the entrance to the State House our usual meeting point when a violent team of policemen  accosted and forcefully hurled some of our members into their van. They dragged one on the ground and injured another. They were roughly driven about the city of Abuja and taken to various destinations and before finally being hurled off the vans at the FCT Police Command.
The leaders of our movement arrived at the FCT Police Command at that same time led by Mrs Ezekwesili who had been unlocked at the Unity Fountain. We asked for the charge on the basis of which our members had been FORCEFULLY captured and brought to the station. Surprisingly even at the FCT Command no officers presented themselves as the Leader in charge of the police operation against our movement and members. No charges were levelled against us and no one attended to our movement abandoning us in their premises. Upon asking persistently to be told what the whole saga was about and receiving no word from any of the police officers at the Station, we decided to head out of the station.

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