Boko Haram:- Nigerian soldiers no longer ready to sacrifice their lives Reps

The Nigerian House of Representative has expressed sadness over how Nigerian Soldiers have been treated over the past years, especially those at the battle front against the Boko Haram insurgents.
Sitting at the plenary yesterday, the Reps revealed that entitlements meant for the soldiers including the fallen ones are being taken for granted; pointing out that this lackadaisical attitude could weaken the defense and security of the Country.
The Reps also reasoned that the lack of payment of entitlements could make the Soldiers drop their guns and opt for something more rewarding as they may begin to see there is really no gain fighting for the course of Nigeria.
Proffering solution to the plight of the Nigerian Army, the Reps prayed to set up a committee to investigate causes of the neglect of the welfare of the Soldiers

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