Corruption in public procurement- ICPC to prosecute fraudulent officers

Watch out for fraud indicators, ICPC advice companies

The Assistant Commissioner, Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC), Mr. Shola Sodipo has advised business owners and companies to develop policies that will clearly spell out what fraud is to their companies in order to ensure that their workers are properly informed.
In an interview with Newsmen, yesterday, the Assistant Commissioner reasoned that most workers may not have a clear definition of fraud and might ignorantly engage in it before realizing the gravity of their action.
Highlighting a list of what to watch out for as far as fraud is concerned, Sodipo explained that when a successful business suddenly begins to nose dive, it could be a clear indication that something fishy was on.
He also said, another indicator maybe when an individual who does not earn much suddenly begins to drive a flashy car, or lives in a posh house and do things that ordinarily, he won’t be able to achieve with his salary.
He further revealed that the most of the indicators is when there is an inconsistency in reports and times submitted, adding that mostly it’s a clear pointer to fraud activities.
The Assistant Commissioner finally advised that business owners take their work seriously while being vigilant to check any strange occurrence or activity before it ruins them.

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