VERBATIM: Every Senator should adopt one family of the deceased soldiers- Senator Shehu Sani

The Senator representing Kaduna Central in the Senate, Shehu Sani has written an emotional and touching poem to Nigerian soldiers killed by Boko Haram insurgents in Melete, Borno last week.

Recall that about 100 soldiers were reportedly killed by the insurgents during an attack on November 18.

The vocal senator Shehu Sani shared his poem on Facebook where he highlighted the bravery and sacrifices soldiers make for Nigeria to have peace.

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The poem read:


They gave their souls that we may breath and live.

They fought our battle that will end our wars.

They braved the storm that could have consumed us all.

They lighted up our darkest corners and paid its price.

They dare the Lucifer that we can be saved from all evil.

Let not their martyrdom be buried in the fog of our busy lives.

Let not their souls be forgotten in the dust of our ingratitude.

Let not their sacrifice be defaced by the wheel of time.

Let not their widows tears and grief be in vain.

Let not their orphans waste in the wilderness of our neglect.

Let not their spirit cast us in guilt.

Oh heavens of peace,

Embrace all these souls,

of men of valour who dare and died, that we may all live.

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