Drug abuse decreasing employability of Nigerian youths – NDE

The National Directorate of Employment (NDE) said, Nigerian youths engaging in substance abuse are rendering themselves unemployable.

The Acting Director General of the Agency, Kunle Obayan, disclosed this in Abuja on December 1, 2016 during a one-day seminar with the theme “Substance Abuse: An impediment to gainful employment,” which was organized by the agency.

“Substance abuse in all ramifications is an evil wind that blows no society and economy any good. There is no country that attains or achieves economic growth when large proportions of her population are into substance abuse.” He stated.

He further stated that substance abuse in all its kinds is threatening the labour force. The director general noted that use of illicit substances such as alcohol, sedatives, depressants, cannabis, cocaine, heroin, codeine among others brings about industrial losses and low productivity; hence, employers reject people who are into it.

This he said “creates conducive atmosphere for all manners of anti-social behavior like armed robbery, kidnapping, sexual violence etc.”
“It equally creates an unfavourable environment for any form of human capital development such as skills acquisition for self-employment”. He declared.

Obayan however, stated the readiness of the agency with relevant stakeholders to arrest the ugly situation in the country.

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