Nigeria begins enforcement of patients’ rights

Nigeria begins enforcement of patients’ rights

Nigeria on Tuesday, launched the Patients’ Bill of Rights (PBoR) to enhance healthcare service delivery in the country.

Performing the launch, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo said Patients’ Bill of Rights is crucial as it borders on human lives and respect for human dignity.

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“The preeminent human right is the right to life. But the right to life is a hollow platitude where life itself is without respect for the dignity of the individual.

“The Patients’ Bill of Right is the bridge of dignity that links the right to life and minimum standards of healthcare that all of us deserve just by being human beings.

“In every step we take to improve the way our people are treated, we are individually and collectively ennobled. Respect for the dignity of one person, one patient dignifies us all.

“I would go on to argue that this deference to the supremacy of human dignity is the responsibility not only of medical personnel, but everyone in the healthcare value chain: government, regulators, insurers, administrators, family and/or primary caregivers, and even the final consumer. Mutual respect helps ensure that interactions build confidence, enhance care and improve outcomes,” he said.

The Director General of the CPC, Barrister Babatunde Irukera said the rights encapsulated in the Bill have always existed in different laws and the CPC simply aggregated the rights for reference purposes.

Irukera said the Bill of Rights would help eliminate quacks in the country’s health care sector as it will serve as a weapon in the hand of patients to demand better healthcare services.

“Protecting rights in the healthcare sector is of particular importance and is a defining feature of how society should, and must operate

Nigeria begins enforcement of patients’ rights

Nigeria begins enforcement of patients’ rights

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