Alleged False Declaration of Assets: I am not guilty – Bukola Saraki

Having failed to persuade the tribunal, a visibly displeased Saraki strode into the dock.

As the court clerk read the first count of the charge to him, the accused, took time to lecture the tribunal on the appropriate course of action it ought to have taken before docking him over alleged false declaration of assets.

He complained that he was never afforded the opportunity by the CCB to clarify whatever disparity it observed in the assets he declared while in office as the Governor of Kwara State.

Saraki, who addressed the court from the dock, said: “I am a firm believer of the rule of law. I am happy that some of the good works the senate has done in the justice administration have been made reference to. We were the ones that passed the Code of Conduct Bureau Act.

“I just want to make this brief introduction to show you that I believe in the process of the rule of law. Section 3(d) of the CCB & Tribunal Act says that, if there is a breach in asset declaration, the CCB shall refer the matter to the CCT, after giving a defendant an opportunity to either confirm if those facts were true or not, then the matter shall be referred to the tribunal. I felt that the CCB should have called me according to the law because we have been talking about new Nigeria. We have been talking about Nigeria going forward.

“Mr Chairman, as a layman, I should know why I should be punished like this. We are all watching, we are all before the world not only before Nigerians, I will conform myself with due process, that is why I have come here to subject myself before this tribunal. I strongly believe that I am here today because I am the Senate President. So as I stated before, I want to say that I am not guilty”, Saraki pleaded.


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