Focus on improving lives of Nigerian women, Stella Oduwa tells Women Affairs Minister, Tallen

Nigeria’s Women Affairs Minister, Pauline Tallen has decried that the budget appropriated for its 2021 skill acquisition is not enough to actualize its ambitions. She stated this when she appeared before the Senate Committee on Women Affairs and Youth Development. Pauline said the money appropriated for the six numbered skill acquisition centers in the six geo-political zones is like a ‘drop in the sea.’

“I am sure you will all agree with me that the issue of empowering women and children is key, and very much top on my agenda, but we have problems on the completion and renovation of the six numbered skill acquisition centers in the six geo-political zones is ongoing and you could see the amount that was appropriated.

That is just like a drop in the sea.” Pauline went further to state that the recent #EndSARS crisis was a result of the idleness of the youth and women in the country. Responding to the minister, Senator Stella Oduwa said the Minister of Finance of great advantage to women, therefore the committee would work towards organizing a round table with her on how women activities should be mainstreamed.

She lamented that the #2021 proposed budget for the Ministry does not speak on the needs of Nigerian women nor elevating them. Oduwa opined that the proposed skill acquisition center was not a priority at the moment, but rather the ministry’s plans should focus on how to make their lives better.

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