How freed Chibok girl, Deborah Jafaru, returned with baby

At the thanksgiving on Sunday to celebrate the return of 21 Chibok girls, a mystery over the status of the child who was released alongside one of the girls, Deborah Jafaru, was solved when her father disclosed that she was pregnant before her abduction.
There were speculations that Deborah Jafaru was impregnated by one of the terrorists while in captivity.
Her father who was also present at the thanksgiving hosted by the Nigerian government, said that the terrorists “abducted her with pregnancy and she had my grandchild there but I’m just grateful to God and the government for returning my daughter and grandchild to me safely.”
He said that unlike the other kidnapped girls, “Deborah had already finished her secondary school; she did not make her papers and returned to rewrite her WASCE when she was taken.”
He explained that she got married only two weeks before her abduction, but her husband has now remarried.
Yesterday’s thanksgiving was an emotional one as the girls and their families danced and cried and offered thanks. It was the first time they were seeing each other since the kidnap in 2014.

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