Group to shutdown Nat’l Assembly July 25 over non-passage of #NotTooYoungToRun bill

Recent reports reaching the #NotTooYoungToRun campaign indicate that the Joint Committee of the Senate and House of Representatives Constitution review has conveniently excluded the ‘Not Too Young To Run’ Bill (NTYTR) from the ongoing constitution review process. NTYTR is the only proposed constitutional amendment that promotes youth political participation in political process through the removal of age limits for running for office.

The Not Too Young ToRun Bill sponsored by Senator Abdul Aziz Nyako and Honorable Tony Nwulu in the Senate and House of Representatives, respectively, has an overall objective of promoting inclusive governance in Nigeria’s democratization process.

Having passed the first and second reading in both Houses in fulfilment of the constitution amendment procedure, the #NotTooYoungRun Bill boosted Nigeria’s image at the international level with the United Nations subsequently adopting the #NotTooYoungToRun campaign as a global campaign with several countries implementing the campaign. The 8th Assembly rode on the popularity and recognition of the Bill by constantly making reference to the Bill and identifying the bill as one of its achievements in the assessment of its second legislative year.

Interestingly, the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) also selected Nigeria as the host of the 2017 African Youth Conference for Young Parliamentarians scheduled to hold in September 2017.

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It has become obvious that the National Assembly only utilized the platform as a subterfuge to achieve its own agenda. Their arguments against the Not Too Young To Run bill are an affirmation that most of our lawmakers are not committed to youth empowerment, intergenerational dialogue and civic participation. The arguments include the fact that there’s palpable fear that most legislators in the 8th Assembly will be unseated in the 2019 elections by young people if the bill is passed. Secondly, there is no place for young people in Nigerian politics and lastly, governance is the domain of the elderly.

On this note, we make the following demand as citizens of this Republic;

That the leadership of the Constitution Review Committee in the Senate and House of Representatives within 48 hours give a Public Account on the status of the #NOTTOOYOUNGTORUN bill;

The National Assembly fulfill its promise to Nigerian youth and the international community by ensuring the inclusion of Not Too Young To Run in the report of the constitution review committee and its passage at plenary;

That if the leadership of the Constitution Review Committees fails to give an account in the next 48 hours, we shall commence series of actions against them. These include picketing of the national assembly; commencement of recall processes in their various constituencies; petitioning the IPU to relocate the venue of the forthcoming regional conference scheduled for September 2017 away from Nigeria and finally a one-million-person march in Abuja and across the federation.

We have declared Tuesday, 25 July 2017 as National Day of Action on Not Too Young To Run.

One Shared Value, One Shared Goal, #NOTTOOYOUNGTORUN

Our Shared Value, Our Shared Goal, #NOTTOOYOUNGTORUN


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