Funding, infrastructure hindrance to Nigeria’s Criminal Justice Administration – Ag. CJN

The Acting Chief Justice of Nigeria (Ag. CJN), Walter Onnoghen has urged the Judiciary to avoid corrupt practices because it exposes the Judiciary to a lot of criticisms.

He said this at the conference of all Nigeria Judges of the Lower Courts in Abuja on Monday.

The CJN said: “While acknowledging your competence in discharging your duties, we are not unmindful of the challenges you face, which hinders smooth administration of Justice and exposes the Judiciary to a lot of criticisms.

“This challenges are in the areas of inadequate funding/infrastructure/facilities, caseload volume, corrupt practices and most significantly delays in relation to criminal trials, which has contributed to the congestion of our prisons.”, he added.

The Chief Justice also said administering justice is crucial to the effective running and stability of a democratic society as well as the peaceful coexistence of its citizens so that anarchy won’t exist.

Onnoghen also said the role of judges in the administration of justice cannot be overemphasized because Judges are given the compliment of being the first line for the liberties of the citizen and the society looks up to them to dispense justice accordingly.

He said the challenges the Judges face will be taken into consideration and would be addressed so that they can administer justice optimally

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