How DSS allegedly arrested Malcolm Omirhobo during lone protest at villa

Lagos-based human rights lawyer and activist, Chief Malcolm Omirhobo has been allegedly arrested by a combined team of men of the Department of State Security (DSS) and the Police.

Omirhobo according to eye witness was arrested on Wednesday in Abuja and whisked away while carrying out a lone protest over the spate of killings and genocide in the country. While attempting to progress into the presidential villa, he was approached by CSP Isah Hadejiawho tried to dissuade him from continuing with the protest, promising to transmit his demands to the appropriate quarters. Omirhobo initially, insisted on proceeding with his match referencing his constitutional right as a law-abiding citizen to move and access the villa as long as he remains peaceful without requiring to pre-inform any authorities of such visit.

The rights activist later agreed to CSP Isah’s pleas and began to address the media. While speaking to members of the press, the Rights Lawyer stressed that his protest is aimed at asking the President to end what he described as ‘genocide’ against Nigerians especially in the NorthEast. Wearing a shirt on which was inscribed “Stop the Genocide”, Omirhobo lamented the killing of about 43 Nigerians which he says were working to promote the Federal Government’s rice sufficiency policy but were left unprotected and allowed to be gruesomely killed by members of Book Haram.

While on the verge of concluding his interview with the press, men the DSS led by a yet to be identified man rudely pushed away members of the press and bundled Omirhobo into a vehicle, and drove him into the villa.

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