IkoyiGate: Senator Sekibo blows whistle at N’Assembly, says $50m belongs to Rivers

*Rivers Senator causes stir, blows whistle on Ikoyigate during plenary

*Ikoyi $50m Loot: Senator Sekibo blows whistle at N’Assembly, says money belongs to Rivers

*Drama as Senator Sekibo disrupts plenary blowing whistle over Ikoyi cash

Ikoyi $50m Loot: Senator Sekibo blows whistle at N’Assembly, says money belongs to Rivers

*Sekibo, Rivers senator, blows whistle in plenary

*Senator causes stir, blows whistle during plenary

Senator George Sekibo from Rivers State has metaphorically extended the whistleblowing policy of the Federal Government to the floor of the Senate.

The federal lawmaker, who got up at about 11.07, to protest the refusal of the Federal Government to return the recovered $49 million at an Ikoyi apartment in Lagos to the Rivers State Government, brought out a whistle.

Before the presiding officer, Sen. Ike Ekweremadu could stop him, Sekibo blew the whistle three times, while calling on the Senate to investigate the issue.

His plea, however, did not gain any support of his colleagues. Instead, Ekweremadu told him that since the case was already being investigated by the House of Representatives, there was no need for the Senate to commence the same exercise.

Instead, Sen. Ekweremadu urged Sen. Sekibo to pass a message to the Rivers State Government to send all necessary documents to the House of Representatives’ adhoc committee probing the recovered money.

*We want Ikoyigate fund investigated – Senate

In the senate plenary session, preceded by the Deputy Senate President, Sen. Ike Ekweremmadu, on Thursday, Sen. George Sekibo raised a point of order on personal explanation that the money found in Ikoyigate actually belongs to Rivers state.

According to him it is the second time they are blowing the whistle on this matter and we want circumstances around Ikoyigate investigated, news report.

However, the DSP Ekweremmadu noted that the House of Reps has set up a panel to treat the issue as well as the other Executive panel led by the Vice president Osinbajo. Furthermore, Sen. Dino Melaye spoke on the need for improvement in the welfare of Nigerian Workers. He equally accuses Governors of not using bailout and the Paris Clube Refund to pay salaries and singles out his home state Kogi for owing 15 months Workers’ Salary. Melaye advises president Buhari to stop the allocation of the 2nd Tranche of Paris Club Refund to states who are owing Workers’ salaries. Supporting him, Sen. Pauker said that Workers’ should be given the due entitlements and there should be an improvement in the Workers’ welfare. Moreover, the senate leader, Ahmed Lawan congratulates Nigerian Workers’ on the occassion of 2017 Workers’ day. He adds that Nigerians should ask about what happened to Bailout Fund 1 & 11 as well as Paris Club Refund and urges state legislators to be up and doing in Oversight functions. Senator Abdullahi Gumel, Albert Bassey, Chukwuka Utazi and Ibrahim Gobir congratulate Nigerian Workers and lend their voice in support of Workers’ incentives. Sen. Utazi said that Executives need to take the welfare of Workers’ very important and urges governors to come to Enugu state and learn. Reacting to his colleagues comments DSP Ekweremadu said, ” Congratulations to the Workers’, I believe we can do more for them on productivity and security of life is a major focus” He added that government need to ensure the prompt payment of Gratuities and Pensions upon retirement. Again he said ” The review of minimum wage should be of priority”. Ekweremadu spoke on Fiscal federalism that will ensure that states can sustain themselves unlike the current situations where they take handouts monthly. Finally, after the presentation of Bills and interpretations the senate adjourns plenary to Tuesday 2nd May, 2017.

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