MEGA DEAL: India to import horses from Nigeria in $1bn trade

The Indian government has approached the Nigerian government placing request to import horses from Nigeria for the country’s use.

This was disclosed to newsmen by the Honorable Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Audu Ogbe in a speech read by his representative, Musibau Azeez during an event with the theme “Diversify Nigeria for Export” which took place in Abuja on November 10, 2016.

“The Indian government has proposed to Nigeria to take substantial part of our horses. India import not less than $1bn worth of horses from all over the world and we received a request from them. We will try and ensure that we are part of this $1bn market.” He said.

The minister states that, India’s request came at a right time when Nigeria is trying to diversify its economy and that the country will seize the opportunity to export more agro-products to other nations of the world.

He stated the government of Nigeria is partnering with Brazil as well as other international agencies in the bid to make the agricultural industry in Nigeria a research based one.

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