Lepacious Bose

Top female stand-up comedienne is known to be a very fat woman, but one who has used her huge weight to good effect by using her body as a vessel to sell her jokes across. Even her name ‘Lepacious Bose’ is a mockery of her figure.
Bose seemed so much at home with her huge weight and so thought many of her fans but she was secretly ashamed by it and working to shed them off!

For two years now she has been on a strict diet and it looks like it is paying off for her. She celebrated her success on Instagram with a couple of pictures and surely Lapacious Bose as we used to know her is fast disappearing!

“These days I just love taking pictures, it’s amazing how far av come from acting like I love the camera, and actually loving it. The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step, make a choice, start today, a little walk, a little exercise, a conscious healthier eating habit….it all comes together slowly but surely, you too can loose that weight, let’s enjoy this journey together. Almost 2yrs on this journey and I can’t stop smiling. #lovinglife” she gleefully posted.
But the question on the lips of her fans and those who know her well is, will she continue to bear the name, Lepacious Bose? Lets wish her luck and see what comes out of it.

Incredible transformation, Lepacious Bose loses weight


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