Naked Taxi Driver: Nigerian Police stole my clothes

Officers of the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) were caught on tape stripping a Taxi driver naked in Abuja.

The event which occurred today at about 11 am along the busy Berger-Arab express way caught the attention of many.

In an interview with the victim, the Taxi driver who spoke to Oak TV at the scene identified himself as Reuben Abila, adding that he is a registered Abuja Taxi driver who plies Berger-Gwagwalada route.

Reuben alleged that the fracas was as a result his of refusal to park where he was directed, which in a bid to clarify, led to the Police beating him up and forcing him into their Hilux van, afterwards driving to the point where they brought him down and stripped him naked. He further claimed that his clothes were taken away with some valuables.

“I have money inside the trouser, N3,500 wey I load from Gwagwalada come.”

“Phone dey inside the trouser, Tecno Asha 300. Driving license dey inside too” said Reuben.

The victim was severely injured in the mouth owing to punches, with bruises on his kneels arising from dragging on the ground by men of the Nigerian Police Force.

According to the victim, the Police officers are from the Berger flyover Outpost Unit. When contacted, an officer from the unit who spoke to Oak TV on condition of anonymity said they had no comments to make until the victim shows up. All attempts to get the victim turn up at the station has proven abortive.

Today in Nigeria, cases of brutality by officers of the Nigerian Police Force have grown alarmingly, with commercial motorists and low-income citizens being prime victims.

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