2020 budget is based on taxation, says Abaribe

Abaribe kicks against lockdown extension
Abaribe kicks against lockdown extension
Senator Eyinnaya Abaribe  representing Abia South during the plenary sitting today, has said that the 2020 budget is not a sustainable one.
“This budget I must say is based on taxation.” He said.
He revealed this during the senate debate on the budget.
He stated that the 1.8 million oil production per barrel rate should be maintained as against the assumed 2.1 million per barrel oil production increase.
He expressed his views based on the diversification of the budget’s objectives. According to him, “The budget is jumbled together.”
He further explained that the design of the budget could have been made more objective and feasible by adopting a simple and direct vision.
In his analysis, he said employment in the budget design is not objective because there is  no major investment in sectors that could create employment.
He advised Nigerians to look out for facts and critical fundamentals in the budget.


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