“Our lives don’t matter” Tech Her Nigeria founder narrates what’s going on at the site where a building collapsed in Port Harcourt


Chioma Agwuegbo, the founder of Tech Her Nigeria has expressed concern after visiting the site where a 7-storey building collapsed and trapped people in Port Harcourt.

Chioma revealed that the officials on ground aren’t doing enough to see if they can rescue more trapped people. She said that of the three excavators on site, only one is in use. She also added that they haven’t gotten to the ground floor yet even though 13 days have passed since the building collapsed.

She tweeted:

Just leaving the site where the building collapsed in PH. 13 days after and they’re not yet at the ground floor yet. Only one excavator is in use. Officials on ground seem quicker to stop people from filming than getting anything done. No urgency. None.

She added:

There were at least three other excavators on site, but only one was in use. The pace of work I saw? Laughable. But the joke is on us. Our lives don’t matter. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the people trapped in the building.

"Our lives don


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