Nigerian govt takes blame for Herdsmen, farmers crises

The Federal Government of Nigeria has accepted the blames for
herdsmen/pastoralists clashes in the country. This, the government
stated was as a result of its inability to putting in place necessary
infrastructures in the past.

This was disclosed to newsmen by the Honourable Minister of Agriculture
and Rural Development, Audu Ogbe in Abuja on January 26, 2017 during the
2017 strategy retreat for agriculture production agenda which was
organized by the ministry.

The minister stated that, “we have done enough for cassava farmers,
for maize farmers, for rice farmers and so on. Nobody has remembered in
the last sixty, seventy years that the herdsman is a farmer too and that
they have special needs. If we had done something then, develop the
grazing reserves, planted fresh grass, given them water, the cows
wouldn’t be roaming now.

He further stated that plans are being put in place to bring an end to
crises in no distance time. Adding that the government is in a dilemma
over the issue as the country needs the cattle of herdsmen and also need
grains and other farm producers in similar equilibrium.

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