Nigerian govt wants Islamic Development Bank to help rebuild north-east

In 2005 Nigeria joined the Islamic Development Bank Group (IDB), thereby
making history as the 56th member country. To further strengthen the ties
between the IDB and the Nigerian Government, the IDB has set up an office
in the Federal Capital Territory.

Speaking at the inauguration of the office on 22nd August 2016, the
Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun lauded this step saying “it is an
important milestone in the relationship between Nigeria and the IDB”.
To further drive her point home, she stated that this relationship will
strengthen cooperation and cordial relationship between both parties, it
will bring IDB group closer to the people, and it would add to the pool of
development and further enhance focus on implementation and
decentralization of activities for speedy completion of projects.

In response to the Minister, the President of the IDB, Dr Ahmed Mohamed
Ali vowed that keeping in mind the mission of the IDB group to strengthen
the solidarity and economic relationships among its member countries, they
shall do their best.

Nigeria is the largest IDB member country in Africa as a result of this
Nigeria plays a key role. The IDB seeks to ensure that Nigeria and all
other African countries benefit economically, commercially and
financially. Nigeria as the host of ECOWAS secretariat plays a huge role
that can never be over emphasized.

The determination and exemplary leadership of the Nigerian Government and
drive for National Development through good governance and zero tolerance
for corruption inspires the IDB group and other development partners even
more. The aim of the development programs is to reach the grassroot.

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