Nigerian military pensioners shut down Finance Ministry in Abuja over unpaid allowances

The entire military veteran community in Nigeria under the auspices of COALITION OF CONCERNED VETERAN –CCV, welcomes Mr. President from his medical vacation abroad. We also wish him a long life and in good health.

We all desire to live life but not all can afford it.

We dream of giving the best to our spouses and kids but the situation and welfare package isn’t just enough.

In the past, we had challenges and opted to vote for you in the last presidential election. We took the deliberate and courageous step because we hope earnestly to see you put us back to where we belong and therefore live longer to see our kids grow right before our eyes without any regret of having served this beautiful country of ours in loyalty.

Mr. President, we are gradually going out of extinction while our spouses and kids cry for help at our demise but no one seems to care. We fight not because we want or pray to, but because the lives of the citizens of our great country depends on our readiness to give away our own lives for others to live.

Why should our welfare be treated with kid’s glove when we, the retired members of the Nigerian armed forces fought to protect the integrity and sovereignty of Nigeria and doing so with our collective lives put on the line?

Mr. President, you are one of us and you very well know that, we are those who don’t value their lives because it’s our sacrifice to ensure Nigerians live and do their businesses without hindrance of any kind.

We are veterans, but the reality on ground is the condemnation of our existence by our own people in our own land despite our sacrifice.

We have been reduced to an object of pitiable spectacle across the nook and crannies of this country whereas, we are soldiers and indeed human and born with blood as every other citizen of this great nation and what’s more, no one loves his country more than a soldier and our loyalty is unquestionable

Mr. President, our demands are based on this premise and in accordance with the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria:

173.- (1) Subject to the provisions of this constitution, the right of a person in the public service of the federation to receive pension or gratuity shall be regulated by the law.

(2) Any benefit to which a person is entitled in accordance with or under such a law as is referred to in subsection (1) of this section shall not be withheld or altered to his disadvantage except to such extent as is permissible under the law, including the Code of Conduct.

(3) Pension shall be reviewed every five years or together with any federal civil service salary reviews, whichever is earlier.

(4) Pension in respect of service of the federation shall not be taxed.

And they remain as follow:

  • Non implementation of the balance of 20.37% of pension wrongly deducted from the 53.37%.
  • Payment of the balance of gratuity and pension for officers and soldiers who discharged from duty from 30th June 2003 to Dec 2007.
  • Placement of discharged soldiers who fought during Nigerian civil war. etc

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