EU Chief to Nigerian youths: Unite, take over power

EU Chief to Nigerian youths: Unite, take over power

Nigerian youths have been enjoined to exploit the #NotTooYoungToRun law to make themselves relevant in the nation’s leadership.

At an event to celebrate the signing of the law by President Muhammadu Buhari in Abuja on Thursday June 28, Ketil Karisen, Head, EU Delegation to Nigeria charged the youths: “Congratulations to people that have made this possible…To those who have sponsored this bill, ensuring that the recommendations of the reforms are possible.

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“Far too many times, we say the youth is the future of our country. I have said that many times myself. Maybe we should stop saying that. Really, the youth is the person sitting here.

“Look at the population of Nigeria, 60 percent of the population is in one way or the other members of the youth…You don’t win match by having half of your team sitting on the bench. You need to have more participation, whether from youth, whether from women or from people with disability.

“So, this is a huge opportunity to take this agenda forward. And, I think that is a wonderful momentum to do that. But, I will also like to warn against complacency here. Somebody said this is not the time to rest on your oars.”

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