Nigeria’s democracy in trouble, says Lasun

Nigeria’s democracy in trouble, says Lasun

Deputy Speaker, House of Representatives, Hon. Yusuf Lasun, has called on Nigerian government to speak out if it no longer interested in sustaining the nation’s democracy.

Lasun, who lost his bid to pick gubernatorial tick of Osun State governorship election recently told newsmen in Abuja on Tuesday July, 31, that developments in Benue state is ‘sickening.’

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He urged citizens of the nation to rise and speak the current political imbroglio in the state.

“What is going on now in Benue is sickling. He has the right to say whatever he wants to say in as much as we achieve those within the legislative procedure legally.

“Whether he threatens or not, what is going on now in Benue is sickling. it doesn’t make sense. Nigeria should not be found in that situation in the 21st century. How can eight members sit out of 30 members and say they are serving impeachment letter on the governor? It doesn’t make sense.

“Nobody needs to discuss it. Everybody needs to come out, unless we no longer want representative democracy. Then, if we don’t want representative democracy, everybody can go back home and sleep,” Lasun said.

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