Nothing like unmerited favour in Christianity, says Daddy Freeze

Controversial on-air personality, Daddy Freeze, has warned Christians against praying for unmerited favour. According to him, praying for unmerited favour is a prank that should be discouraged. Daddy Freeze explained that such type of prayer is actively participatory in the current challenges of the nation.

The on-air personality He disclosed that the only unmerited favour available to Christians is the death of Jesus on the cross to save sinners. He also stated that all other things must be worked for, advising Christians to stop praying for the blessings of others to be given to them, but rather pray that the right people be positioned in authorities.

He concluded his message by saying that if the efforts spent on praying for unmerited favour are diverted to praying for the right people into authorities, then Nigeria wouldn’t have to engage in any form of protest against bad governance in the future. Excerpt of his tweet reads “Nigeria’s poverty and leadership crisis is entirely based on the buffoonery of unmerited favour. Stop praying for unmerited favour, or for the blessings of other people to be given to you.

Instead, pray that those who are deserving should be in places of authority. If we all adopt this mindset, we won’t need to protest against bad governance in future.

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