Number of out-of-school young girls disturbing — Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday disclosed that the Federal Government will sustain the on-going efforts to end child marriage and improve girl-child education in the country. Number of out-of-school

Buhari also said it was the collective duty of all to ensure that mothers of today and tomorrow are educated, encouraged and empowered.

He made the remarks during the commissioning of the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs Headquarters in Abuja. According to Buhari: ‘‘Our quest is to ensure that concerns of women, children, and other vulnerable citizens are given prominence and ultimately addressed.

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“A key priority of our government is the development and implementation of social inclusion and economic sustenance policies. Our determination is to ensure that economic growth and prosperity are felt by as wide a circle as possible. ‘‘In particular, we are laying great emphasis on the education of the girl– child. Number of out-of-school.

The high level of young girls who are out of school or unable to complete school due to socio-economic pressures is disturbing and must be addressed.

‘‘The launch of the National Strategy to End Child Marriage, 2016 – 2021 has been the first critical step towards increasing children’s access to quality all-round education and enhancing the retention of the girl-child in our schools.’’

Buhari enjoined the Ministry to continue to champion and coordinate all matters relating to the plight of Nigerian women and the most vulnerable citizens. Number of out-of-school.

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