Olumba Olumba calls for peace, inter-religious harmony

The founder of the Brotherhood of Star and Cross, Olumba Olumba Obu, has called for peace, unity and inter-religious harmony to help transform Nigeria from its present crisis. Speaking on behalf of Olumba Obu during the annual general meeting of the church, Director of Evangelism, Archbishop (Prof.) David Irefin, urged Nigerians to embrace love regardless of various political and religious beliefs.

The conference which was titled “Transforming a Misguided World into Peace and Justice,” focused on the birth and divine manifestation of Olumba Olumba, as well key national issues like the #EndSARS protest, Covid-19, political violence, insecurity among others. Irefin said the world must embrace and promote love as the only solution in achieving world peace And in regards to Nigeria bring an end to the mass protests and insecurity in the country.

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He advised President Buhari to eliminate class struggle and ensure all Nigerian hold the same standing irrespective of age, financial status or academic qualification. The manifestation and teaching of Olumba Obu provides a template and solution in this regard according to him. He said “remember that with all the admirable sides in technological and social development, mankind is yet to find a proper solution to peace.” He added that part of the problems stems from racism, social hatred, injustice, violence, nepotism and lack of faith in the political systems as a result of disobedience to God.

“What will bring peace is when the leaders and people will all return to God. Prof. Yahaya Oyewole, the Deputy Imam, University of Ilorin, while speaking at the conference, said Islam preaches religious harmony and coexistence. And only when that is practised can society truly develop. He said, “Islam hates violence and upholds unity, justice and promotion of peaceful co-existence with others for any society to achieve development.”

Rtd. General, Enang Essien said the recents happenings in Nigeria shows the government has failed and is failing, therefore, there must be a holistic look at things, the leaders must start taking the people serious. He urged Nigerians leaders to get rid of greed and put resources to better use, and more importantly we must go back to God.

Other prominent Nigerian who sent in goodwill messages during the conference include, Emeritus John Onaiyekan, former national president of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Prof. Iyke Nathan Uzorma. professor of Christian Education of St. Thomas-a-Backet University, Canterbury, England and Paul-Kolade Tubi, PHD Chaplian and HOD Archeology Federal University Lokoja. The event marked the commemoration of the divine manifestation of Olumba Olumba Obu, a week long event that will bring members from all over Nigeria.

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