Photos: 2019 Miss Universe national costumes

Miss Brazil wearing an embellished football jersey with the distinctive number “10” belonging to Brazilian footballer, Neymar with an elaborate back piece.

The Miss Universe pageant is unique among all pageants as it features a competition for each woman to display an authentic costume of choice that best represents the culture of their home country. 2019 Miss Universe.

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Traditionally, contestants are to wear stunning creations for the national costume competition and 2019 was no different.

Here are some of the best ones, headlined by Miss Philippines Gazini Ganados, who was crowned the Best National Costume winner during Sunday’s pageant. 2019 Miss Universe.

Miss Philipines wore a silver outfit with bird accessories, a dramatic skirt, an ornate headpiece, and long silver nails that were pointed, just like the faux feathers on her gown.

Miss Malaysia wore an extravagant floral dress with large floral petals on her back. It included a table that actually had food on it. Food is a tribute to the Peranakan culture.

Miss Tanzania wore an armour-like gown carved with wooden figurines and bronze sticks. She rocked the attire barefooted.

Miss USA wore an ensemble modeled after the Statue of Liberty, complete with gold-tipped wings and a torch.

2019 Miss UniverseNational Costumes