Social media hail woman who dumped cheating boyfriend in the most epic way

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A woman has become an internet sensation after she dumped her boyfriend in a quite interesting way at her 21st birthday party.

Tania Perea from Houston took to her Twitter page to share a video capturing the exact moment she kicked her boyfriend to the curb, adding the caption,

“Is this the right thing to do when your bf cheats on you?”

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The video shows Perea surrounded by her friends in a kitchen before silencing them all with her epic speech where she accuses her boyfriend of cheating.

“I’d like to thank Santos for making me realize I deserve so much better,” she says, looking at her boyfriend, who seems to have no clue that he’s about to be dumped.

“All of us have seen screenshots … you were sexting her and sending her videos,” she continues. “You literally sent her the same picture you sent me today.”

As her friends cheer her on in the background, Perea then waves Santos off with one final sentiment.

“In case you didn’t figure it out, we’re over and you can get the f*** out,” she snaps.

Perea has become an internet sensation since posting the video, with many praising her for standing up for herself.

Social media hail woman

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