#DasukiGate Witnesses should be shielded in court, says DSS

Justice Ademola Adeniyi of the Federal High court sitting in Abuja has adjourn the matter of the former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki to September 13,14 and 15 on ruling of Masked witnesses testifying in court.

Dasuki is standing trial on alleged misappropriation of funds and unlawful possession of fire arms.

The prosecuting counsel, Oladipo Okpeseyi prayed to the court that its witnesses should have a certain percentage of protection from the general public due risk of danger.

“They should be allowed to give evidence behind the screen provided by this honorable court in the interest of Justice to protect the witness, members of their family and career” he said

The prosecution claims that most of the other witnesses that are to testify in court are all security personnel who have expressed fear of been identified to members of the public.

It more serious that anyone can think of, one of our principal witnesses as we speak was involve in a very fatal accident with multiple injuries.

In as much as we are not eluding that the defense caused it, but it further heightens our needs to have our witnesses protected and shielded from the public.

The reason been that the defendant has held the highest military office in the country and at that level; he has gathered a lot of fellowship within the security and beyond.

The witnesses could be serious danger by some of Dasuki Loyalists who can very sentimental on issues.

In the interest of Justice and to protect the lives of these citizens, this application ought to be granted to enable the court to protect it own witnesses.

The prosecution has filed over three application since the beginning of the dasuki trial seeking witnesses to shielded from memebers of the public. 

Counsel to Dasuki, Joseph Daudu, opposing the motion prayed the court to dismiss the application, as there was no basis for the allegations.

“The application is indeed deadly and carries a fundamental disavantageos content”       

After listening to both ends, the trial was adjourned        

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