Recession: Wabba blasts government over non-implementation of critical policies

The President of Nigeria Labour Congress, Ayuba Wabba said Nigeria is facing a lot of challenges not because the Country is short of ideas and resources but because the Country could not implement and harness ideas properly to suit the context of Nigerian society.

Speaking at Africa Industralisation Week in Abuja, Wabba said the bane of the challenges Nigeria is facing is the inability to put ideas into work.

Wabba also said unemployment and the inability of industries to function properly boils down to the fact that Nigeria adopts Neo-liberal policies advancing to the interest of the West instead of adopting In-House policies that will trump the challenges being faced in the Country.

He also mentioned that the Country import almost everything she consumes not because of lack of raw materials but because the country has adopted the policies of importation to the extent of importing petroleum, when the country is blessed with crude oil.

He said petroleum and other products are being imported because of the interest of few. According to Wabba, the reason for this is because importing is easier and those who are in support of importation make money, which is why the industry had not been fixed, and national issues are not discussed.

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