RED Lecture: Donald Duke reveals four shocking revelations about Nigeria

The Former Governor of Cross River State, Donald Duke said the Government should not toy with skills development.

He said this while he was addressing Nigerian youths during the Redefined Economic Development (RED) Lecture in Abuja on Monday.

Duke said skill development is more than getting educated because getting a skill is practical in its application.

“Every brain on train is a drain to this nation; so every brain must be trained”, he said.

He also said sending kids less than 18 years abroad to school is injurious to Nigeria because such children will not be grounded here. He said even though people see it as elitist, it is self-destructive, and as such children will not fully understand both worlds.

Duke also said it is important that healthcare delivery system be situated within five minutes to people’s residence to prevent Nigerians from dying unnecessarily.

He said the amount people spend on Medicare outside the Country is embarrassing and this can be curbed if medical facilities within are situated in about five minutes to people’s residence.

He said Government should encourage the creation of Healthcare even if it is at the intermediate level.

Duke also advised the Government to put infrastructure in place. He said Economy is about motion and when things are produced they need to be moved to the market. He said in Nigeria it is not possible to do that because we do not have rail, road, sea and airports.

The Former Governor said the farthest distance in Nigeria is about 1,200 Kilometres, which should be covered in 12 hours but because of the poor state of roads in Nigeria it takes about 24-48 hours to cover the distance.

The last suggestion made by the Former Governor is that Nigeria needs to invest in Technology. He said technology has been responsible in accelerating growth in the world but Africa is yet to start investing in them.

He said that is why African Countries account for less than 5% of Global Trade because they could not invest in Technology it is difficult to be part of the global interface of Trade, Goods and Services.


RED Lecture, Donald Duke: RED Lecture, Donald Duke: RED Lecture, Donald Duke

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