REVEALED: How whistle-blower exposed Ex-NNPC GMD, Andrew Yakubu’s hidden $9.8m, £74, 000

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed said a whistle-blower was responsible for exposing Former Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Andrew Yakubu for keeping about $9.8m.

He made this known at the commissioning of Human Rights Radio in Abuja on
Monday, February 13th, 2016.

According to the Minister, the money recovered from the Yakubu were found
in an uncompleted building in Kano where they were loaded in fridges and

The Minister urged Nigerians not to hoard information about people who
might have gotten money through malicious means cushioned by corrupt

The Minister also said Yakubu claimed the money was given to him by
friends and the Government is daring those friends to come forward.

The Minister said those responsible for the assault of the Human Rights of
Nigerians are people like Yakubu who had stolen funds meant for roads,
power, medicare and other social infrastructures.

He said any whistle blower who makes it possible for the Government to
recover stolen funds by releasing information is entitled to 2.5-5% of the
recovered money.
He said one of the whistle blowers who helped the Government to recover
money turned down the 2.5-5% commission that was offered to him and said
his revelation is his own contribution to help Nigeria.

The Information Minister also said Nigerians can expose treasury looters
by sending information to the Government through a portal, educative SMS
and a designated email address.

He said treasury looters have humiliated Nigerians and reduced the average
Nigerians to nothingness.

He also said the mindless looting of Public Officers is why Nigerian
economy keeps crawling and why the naira is weak against US Dollar.

The Former Chairman of National Human Rights Commission, Chidi Odinkalu
said the Government must tray as much as possible not to kill the voices
of Nigerians when they protest about bad governance.

He said irrespective of political parties, all Nigerians want the Country
to progress so that the hardship in the Country can reduce.

He also applauded the Federal Government for giving Human Rights Radio
owned by Ahmad Isah license to air their programme which is designed to
fight for the rights of Nigerians.

Whistle-blower: Whistle-blower: Whistle-blower

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