We’re reviewing all cases of human right abuses – Acting DG, DSS

We’re reviewing all cases of human right abuses – Acting DG, DSS

Newly-appointed Director-General, Department of State Services, Mattew Seiyefa, has vowed to pursue and achieve the statutory mandate of the organization.

Seiyefa rose to the top of the nation’s secret police organization on Tuesday August 7, after his predecessor, Lawal Daura, was fired by the Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo.

Daura approved deployment of his veiled and heavily-armed operatives who invaded the National Assembly and blocked all lawmakers and civil servants from gaining access to the premises for over an hour.

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The incident, described as “unauthorized” and “breach of national security” by the Acting President was heavily condemned by Nigerians as it threatened the nation’s budding democracy and brought huge embarrassment to the nation’s image.

Making his inaugural media address in Abuja on Thursday August 9, Seiyefa said: “God willing, we will not be intimidated, no matter what. The Service its statutory mandate. No matter what, we will not be intimidated. I know that this season, especially, there are diverse interests at play. People will keep discussing and trying to demonize the service and all that, but we will not be cowed. We will not be intimidated. We will respect our mandate, which is, like I said, to promote and protect the national interest.

“Nigeria comes first. The peace and security of this nation comes first. That is why we are in business. If not, we will not be. It is our collective and enlightened self interest too to do our utmost to protect our people and execute our mandate within the tenets of the law.

“We are cognizant of the fact that this is a democratic dispensation, we will ply our trade within the tenets of democracy, rule of law, and in consonance with global best practices. We know that we are not in an island of our own. It is a globalized world, we know that whatever we do here is open to scrutiny. We are cognizant of that.

“In this space that we operate in, we are cognizant that these are Nigerians, they are not aliens, they are not foreigners and all that. We are all one. And, we have a responsibility to protect everybody.”

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