Drama in Rep after Dogara announces death of Peace Corps Bill

Row in Rep after Dogara announces death of Peace Corps Bill

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Members of the House of Representatives on Thursday rejected the attempt to override President Muhammad Buhari’s veto of the Peace Corps bill.

President Buhari on February 27 declined assent to a Bill for an Act to Establish Nigerian Peace Corps, citing paucity of funds and duplication of duties of existing security agencies by the proposed corps as his main reasons.

But some lawmakers felt the bill had popular support, and that going by the rate of unemployment and insecurity in the country, a Peace Corps enacted as a government agency would help curb some of the challenges.

Nicholas Ossai (PDP, Delta), while addressing journalists in Abuja February 27, had said the president made a huge mistake by declining assent to the Bill.

Mr Ossai vowed to collate signatures of lawmakers to override the president’s veto.

Consequently, the lawmakers, again, began the process to give legal backing to the existing Peace Corps of Nigeria, a non-governmental organisation, when Sunday Karimi (PDP, Kogi) sponsored the bill and it passed first reading earlier in the year

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