Sex for mark scandal: Accused Professor goes into hiding as university begins investigation

A lecturer at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife in a leaked audio tape asked a postgraduate student of the university to have sex with him five times of fail a course.

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In the sex-for-mark sex tape, the Professor revealed that he had previously slept with other female students of the University for marks.

The Prof specifically mentioned that he recently upgraded the score of another female student who had 36.

A student at the OAU needed to have a minimum of 40 marks to get an ‘E’ grade or pass a course.

It was learnt that the female student had scored 33/40 in the course under the supervision of the Prof, who is believed to be a lecturer at the Faculty of Management and Accountancy at OAU.

It was gathered that many OAU students know the Professor, also rumoured to be a pastor in one of the churches on the university campus.

The female student, in the leaked audiotape, repeatedly referred to the lecturer as Professor Akindele, something which irked the university don.

Staff of the university and students confirmed that one of its staff in the Faculty of Management and Accountancy bears Professor Richard Akindele.

”He is a member of Congress of University Academics (CONUA). We all know him,” one of the members of staff said.

“He taught me. Immediately I heard the tape, I knew that’s his voice,” a graduate of the university added.

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