Sex Scandal: Apostle Johnson Suleman finally opens up: ‘They came after my marriage, reputation’

The General Overseer of the Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman has finally opened up on the alleged sex scandal involving him and Canadian-based singer, Stephanie Otobo.

Suleman, during a Church service in Auchi confirmed to his congregation that soon a video will be uploaded that will change the narratives.

This were some of his words:

“How many of us were in service yesterday? When the word came and the lord said in 24 hours. Let me say this to all of us. We are not fighting a physical battle. So you don’t expect the enemies to fold their hands while the fight is going on.

“The truth is the people who were actually spreading it (sex scandal) were the Christians, pastors; trying to discredit some of you that believed in this grace. When you get back, ask them, “how far”.

“You should mark those people they are not your friends. If they are in your Facebook tell them you are deleting them because even some unbelievers knew this was a step up.

“How can you do something to a man January, February and March you are doing something to him again?

“Before now, nowhere, scan me on the Internet you can see any stain because by then I didn’t say stop killing Christians. The only time I said stop was why they said we will come. But the Church will always win.

“For the burial and resurrection of Christ Friday was very painful, Saturday was painful but Sunday.

“I am not going to say anything until Sunday. If I am saying anything, is not because of the person involved but is because of the Christians. Because they know that our weakness is that we are not united. My standing up the last time; what happened in January. My stand united Christians. For the first time we saw all Christians – that is what they want to scatter. All over the world Christians were crying out saying it can happen. They said, this people are this united? Who spearheaded it? Him (Suleman). Let’s face him.
“Sorry to say, even members of our Church were having double mind. Mark those members. If they are in department, remove them. They are demons. You see me every time, everyday and somebody can tell you certain things. Am excited. Thank God. Thank God.

“This is the prayer that I pray for you. Listen before you say amen. In the battle where you are innocent may you not die before the truth is revealed. The worst thing that can happen to you is for you to be out because even Jesus, that was the greatest pain. He was already dead before they were saying He was the Son of God.
There are two things I fear in my life I will confess today – My marriage and my reputation. This thing (allegation) came after the two things.

“Thank God for my wife. As I speak to you now, I have not watch her video where she said what she said. I’ve not read it. I refuse. Everything Mama has being telling me. I said don’t tell me. There are things I don’t want to get into my mind. Somebody said he wants a child, and then he gives you something to drink. They would have planned it well. They would have look for a good scripter writer.
My joy is I will be alive and see the reward of the wicked.

“The same way they were spreading it, you too get back when it is upload spread it. My offence is, why are they killing Christians. And the truth is this I have just started talking.”


Apostle Johnson Suleman: Apostle Johnson Suleman

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