#Verbatim: Devaluation not our own making ― Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has expressed delight in the hardship currently biting hard on Nigerians which has made it impossible for many to afford foreign foods and goods as it used to be.

President Buhari has made no secret of his agenda to reduce waste in governance and also ensure that Nigerians return to made-in-Nigeria products.

Nigeria has also been described as having an import dominance economy, which has made local products un attractive to consumers.

However, President Buhari who praised Vice President Yemi Osinbajo for his performance while he was away said he was impressed with the way his Vice used his intellect to run Nigeria as acting president.

He said he monitored the event of things while he was away in London; it was observed that Nigerians have returned back to home made foods following the effectiveness of diversification to Agriculture.

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“I had so much time to watch NTA. I heard so much information about the states. I am very pleased with the states, you are all doing your best and you are lucky your best is proving to be good enough for agriculture and solid minerals. You are succeeding in agriculture because I think people cannot afford foreign food,” he said.

“It may not favor us, but it is something we cannot change. Some people were asking me if we should be stricter on the borders, but I want to thank God that last year and this year are better than what it used to be,” he added.

Speaking at the Council Chambers of the Aso Rock Presidential Villa in Abuja at a meeting with the Nigerian Governors Forum, Buhari described Osinbajo’s efforts as commendable, saying he personally thanked him in the UK.

Osinbajo acted as president from May 7 to August 19 during the president’s absence.

“The efforts by the vice president are commendable. He used his intellect to run all over the place. I was seeing him 24 hours on NTA. I congratulate him. I allowed him to come and see me, to thank him personally for what he has done,” Buhari said.

He thanked the governors for their leadership approaches in their respective states.

The president said he was very happy with the national prayers for his recovery, adding that the love shown him by Nigerians had greatly boosted his morale.

He said a group of protesters visited the Abuja House in London, sang the Nigerian anthem and asked him to return home.

The president said the devaluation of the naira was not the making of his administration.

The chairman of the NGF and Zamfara State Governor, Abdulaziz Yari, said many states could not pay salaries before Buhari became president, acknowledging that the bailout funds and Paris Club loan refunds helped cushion the effect of the recession in the states.

Also speaking, Ebonyi State Governor Dave Umahi assured Buhari of the forum’s commitment to national unity and pledged its support for the president.

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