Why I introduced bill for payment of tax on GSM calls- Ali Ndume

Sen. Ali Ndume, (APC-Borno South) has provided more insight on why he pushed the Bill for an Act to establish the Communication Service Tax.  According to the who spoke in an interview with State House correspondents,  increasing VAT would have a spiral effect on the populace as it would affect the poor more.According to him, the effect will be on everybody and even commodity transportation from one point to another which always affect the poor. “So, that is why I am saying that we should introduce Communications Service Tax and people will pay for it sometimes even not knowing.“And government will be able to generate more from that angle; you know the money the service providers are making out of communications. “So, this is my position and I think this Communications Service Tax is part of it; tax those that can afford telephone, 60 million of them; why do you tax 200 million people?“Tax the 60 million people that can afford it and you get what you want,’’ he said.

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