Zainab Ahmed replies Power Minister over N100b budget cut on Mambila Power Plant

Zainab Ahmed replies Minister of Power over N100b budget cut on Mambila Plant The Minister of Finance, Zainab Ahmed has responded to the claims by the Minister of Power that the ministry of finance cut N100b meant for the Mambila power project in its 2021 budget. Zainab Ahmed however, in a question and answer session during the budget defense with the House of Representatives Committee on Finance disclosed that the said funds were cut because the power ministry did not prioritize it in its 2021 budget. Minister of Power, Mamman Sale had in a budget defence with the Senate Committee on Power complained about the cut, which according to him could hamper the completion of the Mambila project. Similarly, the finance minister explained to the committee chairman, Hon. Abiodun Faleke that the Ministry of Power exceeded the available envelope for its 2021 budget, and did not capture the project as a priority. She said each ministry has an envelope to which they are not meant to exceed. According to her, the ministries are aware of this and should have set their priorities right. The Mambilla Hydroelectric Power Station is a 3,050 MW hydroelectric power project under development in Nigeria. When completed, it will be the largest power-generating installation in the country.

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